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What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically an online system where someone gets paid for referring sales
or potential customers to another business.

An affiliate is like a middle man (or woman), they find people who have a problem or need
and put them in contact with someone who has a solution.

This form of online marketing is really popular for a number of reasons..

Join money making program absolutely free and 100% risk free.

-Very cost effective|easy way to get started online.

-You can do it with no money, as long you can write an article.

-Amount Paid depends upon products, can be anything from 10 dollars and more.

-Recurring commissions are excellent, can be used as a starting point before you make
your own product.

-Merchants like it because they only have to pay affiliates when they make a sale.

-Affiliates like it because they can make money relatively easily by promoting other people's products
and customers like it because affiliates make it easier to find products and services that they need. This is a profitable revenue opportunity, the first step for you to create a solid, reliable, long-time profitable business.

Affiliate marketing is an incredibly popular way of starting a business online.

Most affiliates start out just doing it part time or as a hobby but there are thousands of people who make full time living promoting affiliate programs, and some who even make millions of dollars a year doing it!

How affiliate Marketing works

- You get an a unique affiliate id, or use your paypal address depending on the system they are using.

-You send traffic to sales site with different methods of promoting, advertising, or marketing techniques so the vistors buy the products you are promoting, and you get credit for the commission.

-A decent commission or recurring commission with regular payment intervals.
-No fees for joining the program and low pay out threshold.

Finding a good product to promote.

-Look at sites such as Clickbank|Paydot best affiliate network to find any digital product.

-Reliable program owner|track record.

-Do you get any of the one time offer|backend offers.

-You are looking for a good set of affiliate resources




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