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Effective Backlink Strategy

Effective backlink strategy
One of the most important techniques needed to increase your website ranking is to generate valuable back-links. By building powerful backlink strategies you can implement simple methods that will get real results, all with very little effort on your part.
You must first evaluate and assess your site’s current status, placement, and search engine ranking. This simple step will save you a great deal of time because you can now create a strategy customized to realistic goals and objectives in alignment with your website marketing plan.

Effective Backlink Strategy

There are tons of different ways to get backlinks, but you want to use the best strategies and tools to see results faster. Implementing an effective backlink strategy that works is a matter of using proven methods already tested by other successful online marketing gurus, network marketers, and search engine companies. Here are some of my top ten linking strategies that have been very successful over time for newly launched and well established websites.
Article Marketing
You can get backlinks by posting articles in targeted article directories and Web 2.0 sites such as EzineArticles, Buzzle, Tumbler, and Word Press. This is one of the best ways to build backlinks and has gained popularity over the past few years with the onset of article spinning. I am not recommending spinners unless you know how to properly use them. 
As a blogger, you can simply create a free account with one of the many blog hosting providers. You will then be able to direct links back to your main site at any time. This is somewhat grey hat but works if you have good content on those blogs.

Directory Submissions

As previously mentioned, listing your site with the thousands of directories available on the internet will generate backlinks that are eventually useful. To save time, it is highly recommended that you use directory submission software. Beware of overly priced submission software, and be sure to do thorough research before purchasing any type of submission software.
Forum Postings
You can easily generate quality back-links by leaving comments in social network comment boxes, forums, guest books or blog comment fields. Simply create your remarks or response, add your URL in the signature, and post in one click. You now have an instant backlink.  Do not spam forums.  Ask legitimate questions or answer them if you truly have an answer.  Forum posting works even better if you are in the same niche.  In order words do not post on a periquit training forum if your signature is pointing back to your Internet Marketing site.

So you recently launched a new website or blog that you feel is guaranteed to take your business to the next level. Let’s face it; nowadays anyone can start a website and a blog is even easier.
A Stay at home mom sitting in his room with a laptop and an outdated dial up internet service can get one going in a matter of minutes if so desired. And it doesn’t really matter if you are into network marketing, selling items on Ebay, or just want to have an advertiser supported blog about your latest business pursuits.
These are all viable internet ventures, where eventually you will need to think about what a truly optimized website can do to help you succeed in establishing a profitable online business.
It’s no secret that using specific keywords is vital to ensure that your website is optimized at the highest level possible. Of course, search engine credibility doesn’t happen overnight.
Luckily for you, gone are the days of only submitting your website to thousands of online directories and patiently waiting to be added to obsolete or insignificant search engines. The good news is that you can achieve search engine optimization with backlinks by using the right mix of relevant content, links, meta tags, page descriptions, and proper site mapping.

Natural or Organic Backlinks
Webmasters and other website managers are constantly seeking valuable content with the goal of simply linking to the latest hot website. This method takes time and usually occurs as your website grows in popularity and your rank credibility improves, however, if you have valuable content, natural links can be achieved sooner rather than later.  If other webmasters find what they are searching for organically…they will naturally link back to you.
RSS Marketing
To generate quick and easy backlinks you can create an RSS feed for your site or blog using an automated tool such as FeedShark which will then publish your content to hundreds of RSS aggregators.

Social Bookmarks

Not to be confused with social networking sites, there are thousands of social bookmarking sites that allow other users to peruse other valuable links. To generate backlinks, you share your site’s URL with other bookmarks by creating, then sharing accounts on the most popular bookmarking sites.
Social Networking Profiles
Although most social networking sites will not allow you to place anchor text, you can add your URL somewhere in your profile and promote the listing in other ways. Be sure to choose one of your primary keywords as a username.
Video Sharing
You can market and promote your website by submitting a video that generate backlinks to your site as targeted traffic. You merely have to post your URL in the description box on sites like YouTube.
Your Own Good Content
Writing good useful content will always garner new visitors who will naturally link back to your site or blog.
Understanding the function of a backlink is the key to successfully implementing a good strategy to promote and market your website. These top ten backlink strategies will help increase your site ranking and traffic as long as you make sure to choose relevant backlinks. Quality backlinks play a major role in your Google PageRank so be sure to follow a tested and proven guideline.

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