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Has Google Panda Affected your Adsense Earnings

Has Google Panda Affected your Adsense Earnings

Google Panda has badly affected the Adsense income of the many web site homeowners, bloggers and on-line freelance writers. Income of few websites and bloggers have increased because of Google Panda search engine algorithm however Adsense income of the many websites and bloggers has decreased. The foremost badly affected are the "Article Directories", "Content Creators", and Adsense revenue sharing websites. So, a way to handle Google Panda and the way to extend Adsense income? Most Badly Affected Websites by Google Panda?

Most Badly Affected Websites by Google Panda

The most badly affected websites by Google Panda Algorithm Google Panda Algorithm are affiliate websites, most freelance. Writing websites, Adsense revenue sharing websites and alternative low quality, useless and copied websites and blogs. They reduce the ranking of pages that are too heavy on ads, especially above the fold, in contrast the amount of content. In other words, the best quality content you have, the more ads are acceptable. Google is trying to get rid of pages that have mostly ads from appearing in search results.

Google Panda Targets Poor and Copied Content
Google Panda Targets Poor and Copied Content

How to Recove from Google Panda and Increase Adsense Earning

The best form to increase income from Adsense is to make an internet site or a blog on wordpress platform. Think a few niche topic and continue it. Do not write on all different topics on one web site. Produce a name and goodwill for yourself. Write original and helpful articles and use your own footage as so much as possible. Use a digital camera for this purpose. Alternatively you'll be able to conjointly use photos from websites that supply photos free from copyrights.

Google Panda : You need to Do and not Do to beat the Panda

What To Do To recapture or improve from Google Panda and Increase Google Adsense Income?
  1. The Google Panda Algorithm targets useless and copied or duplicate content. So, forever write smart quality and helpful and original articles. It may take some time but 1 original article will do better than 1000 copied articles.
  2. Always attempt to use your own photos and mention caption and supply.
  3. If each low quality articles and top quality articles are on constant website or blog then Google can target web site attempt to edit or take away the low quality content from your web site.
  4. Google is targeting article content creator websites. attempt to get away from these websites. it's better and smart to form your own web site or blog. Little investment on domain name registration and net hosting will bring you excellent adsense revenue..
  5. Create links with helpful websites that have high search engine ranking.
  6. Avoid putting too several ads on your web site or blog. Strategically place few ads.
  7. Removed your content that is low quality based on analysis of Google Analytics reports. By using Google Analytics reports you'll be able to observe the traffic pattern on your posts
What Not to Do to Avoid Being affected by Google Panda?
  1. Do not Copy .
  2. Get Away from spelling mistakes. If needed, rent skilled writers.
  3. Write for people who reads your post and not for search engine.
  4. Avoid back links from useless web site with no search engine ranking.

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