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So How Do You Get Started?

So How Do You Get Started?
To make money with Adsense you need two things:
1. A website, and
2. Traffic to that website The Adsense ads are integrated into number one (your website) and are clicked on by number two (your visitors). Without these two things you cannot make money from Adsense.
Below is a simple step by step guide of what you need to do and when.
1. You required to Decide Which Topic You Are Going To Build Your Website On Adsense works best on websites that provide information. Understanding Adsense provides information about how to make money with Adsense - if I placed Adsense on this website then the advertisements would relate to adsense in some way. The Adsense ads are related to this topic and so are more likely to get clicked on. A golfing website provides information on how to improve different aspects of your golf game, and Adsense ads on that website might advertise instructional DVD's or discount golf equimpent.
Another website may review a particular product or type of product, advertising would then be matched to suit each product reviewed. The easiest way to start is to build a website around a topic that you know something about. Don't look at this as the website that is going to make you rich but as a testing ground to learn all the skills you need to know to build succesful websites in different markets that will make you rich. Money comes after learning and doing. If you chase the money you'll learn and do nothing.
2. You Need to Be Able to Build This Website First things first - don't buy an Adsense Ready or Turnkey website. If you don't know, these are content websites that have been built and optimized for Adsense. The seller packages together a few hundred articles around a particular market, eg health and then sells this package to a thousand people like you and me. Adsense Ready Websites will give you the first thing you need to make money with Adsense
- a website, but you'll find it hard to get the second - traffic - as the search engines penailze duplicate content and without traffic Adsense is useless. The other problem is that they isolate you from the most important aspect of making money online
- and that is building a website. To us as internet marketeers, all a website is is a vehicle for converting traffic into money. A good website is one that does this effectively.
If you don't learn how to build one yourself you are trying to row a boat without an oar. The good thing is is that you no longer need to learn html code to build your website. Programmers have come to our rescue and over the past few years better and better website creation tools have become available. The one I recommend is XSitePro. It's made the process of building a website so easy and is streaks ahead of all the other tools on the market. Within two to three hours you will have worked your way through the tutorial and will be in the position to build your own successful money vehicle.
Now you've decided the theme of your website and have bought your website creation tool you need to buy a domain name and a hosting package.
4. You Need to Create the Content For Your Website There are two ways of getting content - by writing it yourself or by obtaining it from a third party. The options open to you will really depend on the theme of your website. For a first website I generally recommend that you write it yourself. You can learn how to manipulate other people's information later once you've grasped the basics of website building, Adsense and traffic.
5. You Need to Join Adsense This is simple - once you have built your website follow this link, click on the "Click Here to Apply" button, fill in your details and wait for your approval email.
6. You Need to Bring Yourself Up to Speed on Adsense For the complete newbie to Adsense, has it's limitations as it doesn't go into the very basic stuff of how to get the code, how you change the variables etc.
The site focuses on what actually makes money with Adsense and this is down to building the right websites, integrating Adsense correctly and bringing traffic to that website. Therefore your'e going to need another source so that you can get to grips with the basics.
There are two that I would recommend:
(1) The Google Adsense Help Center - From the people who made the program this is a good tour de force of Adsense and how to use it. They also have some good "heat maps" which give you ad placement ideas depending on the type of website you are building.
(2) Adsense Forums - Digital Point and Webmaster World both have good Adsense forums if you're the type that can happily sit and sift through thousands of posts.
7. You Need to Successfully Integrate Adsense into your website Now here is the fun part. You've got your content, you've built your website, you understand the fundamentals of Adsense. Integration and optimization now become crtical and these articles explore how best to do that: Ad Format Ad Placement Ad Colors Number of Units Adlinks Ad Relevancy Monitoring
8.You have to Do What Is Necessary to Get Traffic to Your Web-site The more relevant individuals who come to your web-site the more Adsense clicks your web-site will generate. The other half of succeeding with Adsense is getting increasingly relevant traffic. More Traffic = More $ SEO Directories List of Directories

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