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Why a website may display no ads at all.

There are a lot of  reasons why a website may display less targeted ads or no ads at all. Below is a list of the most common issues.

Their system has not yet crawled all the pages of your website.

Your account is disapproved or awaiting review.

Your site has restricted access using a robots.txt exclusion file.

Your website is using session IDs in the URL.

Your website is using frames.

Your ad unit is set to display image and rich media ads only.

Your webpage may not contain enough content.

Your site has content that doesn't comply with our program policies.

The AdSense code was placed within an IFRAME.

Your webpages are behind a login or password.

You have blocked ads from too many advertiser URLs.

Your site content is primarily in an unsupported language.

Your ad code has been modified

Your page contains a refresh tag.

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