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Properly choosing your adsense ads

You  probably heard by now tht adsense is a great way to make money on your bloger site.
In fact you heard stories of people making hundreds of thousands a month just from a google
adsense alone. An of course those king of numbers want too make anybody go out start
and try to make it with adsense. And the truth is that there is a lot of myth about adsense.

First it is fact  most publishers do not make money with adsense, they probably make
with adsense 1 or 3 dolars a month but let face it,  that is not enough to pay for your needs.
Another fact  is people do not know  how to use adsense the correct way. They do not know
what types of ads to put on their sites. SO as usual they do not make any money, the great
new is that you donot have make the same mistakes that they do.

Properly choosing your adsense ads, sizes it is a process a complete dynamics that changes
for every site.

In the header

*Use a Horizontal Link Units  instead of a big grand leader boads,  have a more suited ad at
the top that also blends well. The theory here is that you do not want to beat the people who
is visting your site  over the head with the fact that you have ads all over your site, try to blend
theem the best you can.

 *If positioned well, wide ad sizes can increase your earnings significantly. The sizes to be the most effective are the 336x280 Large Rectangle, the 300x250 Medium Rectangle, and the 160x600 Wide Skyscraper. Keep in mind that while these ad sizes typically perform well, you should use the size that best complements your site.

*Always place ads in highly visible areas of the site, otherwise you will never gets any clicks.

*Put and Ad Unit in the Header.

*Wide Skyscraper one of the most effective ads formats that google has. Reserve the left side
   of the site for ads and links it is a high focus area it is very visible. Use the Skyscraper format
   in the side, because this parts recieves a lot of attention and your click through rate will be
   higher. and place it beside the content.

*When putting an ad inside a post, put it on the top and all the way to the bottom of the content.

*Plave ads in areas that are Highly visible, where the focus of the attention is.

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