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Increase google Adsense Revenue

Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense offers an excellent alternative to affiliate programs to
help increase advertising revenue for websites and offers a free online
task of making money. Google Adsense can be used for all different types
of businesses. The tools are easy to implement and a few tricks can
increase Google Adsense revenue significantly.

There are web designers who make websites to generate an income just
based on Google Adsense. However, this is not allowed according to the
rules laid out by Google. Make sure to offer your own product or use
affiliate links within your website.

There are a few things that when put into place, will help
increase the
Google Adsense
revenue that is generated. Banner style advertising on
websites tends to be less successful than ads placed in wide rectangles
These normally catch the attention of the visitor. The colors used in
the ads should blend in with the color of the page. This has also proven
to perform better.

If you make the above tweaks to your website and advertisement space,
there should be an improvement in the CTR rates and eCPM ratings. If you
do not see any changes or an increase in Google Adsense revenue, you
will need to make more optimization changes to the ads.

The first thing to do is change your worst performing ads into image
only advertisements
. There is a huge advantage to using image only ads,
they tend to be noticed more so can be placed on skyscrapers or leader
boards at the bottom of the page.
They are also CPM ads and the revenue
generated is based on the number of impressions made by the ads rather
that by clicking on it.

Using image only ads can also be very useful when the visitor to your
website is a Google Adsense publisher themselves. They are less inclined
to be clicking on advertisements.

You may also increase Google Adsense revenue on online blogs. The best
place to put an Adsense ad is near the comments section of the blog.
Most people, who are interested in reading the article in the first
place, may have questions regarding it or may ask for more information.
This will naturally take them to the comments part of your blog. A
well-chosen ad included here can be very effective.

Google Adsense also offers something called channels. This allows you to
directly promote your website to Adsense advertisers. You can tell them
what your website is about, where you will place the ad units so they
get maximum exposure and why this will help the advertisers.

This method
is a very good way to get products that are specific to your market
helping you increase Google Adsense revenue and achieve high CTR rates
on your website.

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